Amanda Easter 2000

Amanda’s Page

From a baby to graduation from College of the Holy Cross and on to India – Amanda’s photos…

Nick’s Smile May, 2001

Nick’s Page

From a youngster to college at Bethel University, Nick has always enjoyed playing baseball and learning about life – Nick’s photos…

Betty on her birthday 2017

Betty’s Page

Betty has always loved to travel and see new places. She loves to share her knowledge in class and with friends and family – Betty’s page…

Mike 2015

Mike’s Page

Mike gets to have fun laying all this stuff out. He loves to share our family adventures and experiences – Mike’s page…

Our Family

We’ve been so blessed to have lived the wonderful lives we’ve lived. Our amazing families, friends, and coworkers have truly made our lives amazing. While we have had struggles, we are fortunate to have surrounded ourselves with wonderful people which has allowed us to deal with the curves we’ve been thrown.