Washington DC '06


In early November, 2006 we took a trip to Washington DC.  We visited historical sites and great monuments.  Below are a few shots and stories of our trip with the Mitchell family.  Our daily routine was up at 6:30, out at 7:30, and on the road by 8:30 after breakfast.  We usually toured the city and surrounding area until about 8:00 at night and came home tired and ready for bed.  Needless to say, after coming home, we needed a vacation from our vacation.  But even though our pace was extreme, we really enjoyed the stay.  Visiting the things that helped our founding fathers form our nation really inspired us all to respect our country, government, and all the people who live in it.  It was a great experience for all.

The gang in front of Ford's Theatre.

Inside Ford's Theatre

The State Booth where Lincoln was shot

A shot of the whole gang in front of the Tidal Basin and Jefferson Memorial.

Amanda and Haley prepping for another dance routine

At the Tidal Pool with the Washington Monument in the background

Inside the Washington Monument

Nicholas, Amanda, and Betty in front of the Reflecting Pool and Washington Monument

Views from the top of the Washington Monument - The White House

Views from the top of the Washington Monument - The Lincoln Memorial and World War II Memorial

Views from the top of the Washington Monument - The Capitol Building

Inside the Washington Monument

The Washington monument by day and by night

Just the Wibben family with the Jefferson Memorial in the background

One more shot of us...

The Jefferson Memorial

Looking up to the kids at the Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial                                                    Words to inspire on the Lincoln Memorial

Looking down from the Lincoln Memorial

Inside the Library of Congress

Outside the Library of Congress

A family photo with the Capitol Building in the background.  The statue on top of the building is called Freedom and faces East as the sun never sets on Freedom.

Inside the Bureau of Engraving and Printing

Riding the Metro around DC was fun for all...

Beautiful Fall colors outside one of the Smithsonian Museums

Looking for a pet tyrannosaurus rex

Comparing our legs to a dinosaurs'

How's that for some "bling bling"

Haley eyes the Hope Diamond

Nicholas and Hailey - Buddies

Jamestown Settlement, the first successful British colony in what was to become the United States of America

The Indian houses throughout Jamestown

Inside an Indian home

Nick and Amanda scraping the fur with sharpened shells

An Indian guide shows how to sharpen stones for cutting

Nicholas grinding corn

Madison wondering what is up with all these furs?

Amanda has found a place to lie down and take a nap (and boy is she happy).

No Nick, it's not a baseball bat!

Making an Indian canoe

Amanda making dowels for construction of the settlers' homes

Nicholas ready for battle

Amanda ready for battle

Even Mike and the kids had to go to work the fields while in Jamestown

Nick on board the Godspeed Sailing Ship

The Godspeed and Susan Constant Sailing Ships

Happy to be in Jamestown

After a long day, Nicholas was exhausted (notice he had his baseball with him)

The next day, the kids had a work out trying to open the doors to the National Archive.

The wall at the Korean War Memorial was beautiful, along with the statues and words

The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial was inspiring.  It share numerous quotes of our only 4-term President who led us out of the depression.

The Vietnam Veterans War Memorial

The Fall leaves  were beautiful in November

Back in the bus...

Arlington National Cemetery Graves of President Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy Onassis

World War II Memorial

In front of the National Archive


At the entrance to the Holocaust museum

At the Mammals Movie in the Smithsonian

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier                    Changing of the Guard

Our tour of the Capitol Building with Ken Calvert's aide            Statue of Eisenhower one of many in the Rotunda

The ceiling of the Rotunda in the Capitol Building

At the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum

Apollo 11


The Wright Brother's plane "The Wright Flyer"

The home of our first President, George Washington, at Mt. Vernon

A photo with the Washington family

The Wibben Family at the Washington House

The Mitchell Family at the Washington House

What Nicholas wanted to see...  George Washington's lead dentures

The attire of the time

On our last day, we made one last visit to the White House before we leave for home

Hauling our luggage to the Metro...  Heading for home