Ski Shots 2010

Older Ski Shots

Here are some shots of all of us from 2009-2010 ski season.  To see us in years past, check out the Older Ski Shots page to the left.  Click on the thumbnails to view full-size picture.

Speed Trap 2010

Nicholas at over 66 mph!
Even though Nick started at about 20 feet below us, he still was incredibly fast.  You can see he has the tuck down-pat!

Dad just over 67 mph!  
I tried and tried to go as fast as I could but couldn't beat the speed deamon below!

Amanda clocked at 70 mph! What can we say, she's fast, she's smooth, she's SUPER AMANDA!

Sugar Bowl 2010

Amanda had a great trip to the Championships in Sugar Bowl (Lake Tahoe).  We stayed right on Donner Lake in what was some incredible scenery. Donner Lake is in some of the shots below as well as some funny shots we took while up there.

Betty was released from her doctor to ski in Sugar Bowl.  Click on the photo below to see how happy she was!   Maybe she was happy because Sheila came to visit.

Dad was happy to have her on the slopes too!

Some shots above Donner Lake
A family photo.

The kids joking about the Donner Party...  Just doing their part to keep Donner Lake clean (do you think that sign was there then?