Hawaii '04


In November of 2004 we went to Hawaii for a family vacation.  A REAL FAMILY Vacation!  We took the kids, Opa, Abuela, and Pa along and celebrated Opa's 76th Birthday while were there.  We also took some of our best friends with us.  See some of the fun we had in the Aloha state! 

Our first few days, we played at the pool. 

But what would Hawaii be without the beach! 


And burying dad in the sand!

Next it was time for some snorkeling classes...

Then time for the real thing off the boat at Molokini. 

Back to the pool for more fun in the sun AND THE SLIDE!

We even went parasailing with Abuela and Pa! 

Dinner at Bubba Gump's Shrimp Factory was fun too!!!


On the road to Hana.

We Found Some coconuts and flowers
We found some Wildlife... and even more Wildlife.

But most of all, we saw the beauty of Hawaii and our beautiful planet at its best!

It's a great place to be with our family and friends! 

Even in the black sand and dark caves on the coast! 

More pool fun with Opa! 

Time for Family Pictures!

Looks like some else had the same idea?   That's OK, they're with us...

Opa's Birthday!

Opa's Birthday was celebrated at a Hawaiian Luau!  



That was our trip!  As the sun sets, we say Aloha and thanks for visiting!  Send us a note to tell us how you're doing and we'll talk with you soon!