Atlantis '08


In November of 2008, we were able to take a trip to the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island (Nassau), Bahamas.  We had a wonderful time snorkeling, sliding, and eating at various locations in the resort.  On our last full day, we took a snorkel trip to some of the Exuma cays where we met up with some incredible sharks, fish, and even iguanas!  See the shots below that show highlights of our wonderful trip!

Upon arrival we took a walk around the Atlantis harbor looking at the beautiful buildings and yachts.

Then we got to see many of the sharks and marine life found in the resort.

Now it was OFF TO THE POOLS!

You're in Trouble Who Me???


The Leap of Faith (if you dare)!

Nick         Betty (look at her face)        Mike


Time to relax on the Lazy (CRAZY) River and other slides...

Family and Friend Photos

At the dolphin cay

Fine Dining and Fun!

Amanda getting her hair braided... Like daughter, like father (Hey mon!)...


More fun times around Atlantis!                                                                                             Inside "The Dig"


Our trip to Exuma

The sharks at our dock  

A sand bar in the middle of the Exuma cays

Feeding the iguanas

After all was said and done, each night required a HARD night sleep!